Aris Bartee


Application Development

Java, Objective-C,Ruby, Python, Javascript

Web Application Development

JSP/Servlet, JSF,, Ruby on Rails, Tapestry, PHP, Joomla, Python, Google GWT, Open Social, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Vignette, Wordpress

Operating Systems

Linux, OSX Leopard, Windows Server, Sun Virtual Box, VM lab Manager

Testing & Build System

Hudson CI, Maven, Rake Selenium, Selenium Grid, WebRat/Cucumber/Rspec, TestNG/Junit, Hudson Development


Custom Market & Ariba Market Place,  Power Billing Reconciliation & Power Accounting Systems,  Gas Billing Reconciliation & Gas Accounting Systesm, HydroManager & launching local desktop engineering tools,

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Bachelors of Art in Art.

Stephen F. Austin State University; Nacogdoches, TX

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

University of Houston at Clear Lake; Houston, TX


January 2011 - Current - Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Clarity; Houston, TX

Customize and extend the Sapphire laboratory information management system from Lab Vantage.  I worked with a subject matter expert to build project management system into Sapphire that integrates with Schlumberger’s  enterprise customer management systems.

The project management portion originates projects, validates and tracks the project throughout sample management and sample rental. 

SKILLS: JAVA, JSP, Issue Management, SQL

February 2010 - Current - Creative Energy

Social Learning Start up; Houston, TX

Built a social network where students and teachers critique and discuss literature.  The written critique are analyzed for grade level and reading difficulty using the Flesch-Kincaid and Flesch formulas respectively.  Teacher and parents are able to follow students achievements. Social features like “Check In” are used to share the frequency of reading activity. (

SKILLS: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB

- solo development

January 2010 - January 2011 - Base Base Inc.; Houston, TX

Ruby on Rails Development. NoSQL using MongoDB. Social Network & Content Network Design. As a member of a team of two developers handle the day to day needs of managing and enhancing of an evolving code base of a WEB 2.0 content-network web based application.

August 2009 - December 2009 - Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Clarity; Houston, TX

Customize and extend the Sapphire laboratory information management system from Lab Vantage.  I worked with a subject matter expert to build project management system into Sapphire that integrates with Schlumberger’s  enterprise customer management systems.

The project management portion originates projects, validates and tracks the project throughout sample management and sample rental. 

SKILLS: JAVA, JSP, Issue Management, SQL

-solo contractor

January 2009 - June 2009 - Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Real Time Infrastructure; Houston, TX

Using the Java language, developed data and business operation libraries for real time data consumer applications.  I was brought in as the team mentor.  This involves providing my expertise on software design, testing and refactoring.  In addition to my mentoring I also participating in updating legacy code from internally developed ORM solutions to hibernate as well as confirming the validity and strength of tests.  I also spiked solutions for reported bugs.

Built custom hudson CI server plugins using Java.  Deployed hudson to multi-node, virtual environment.

SKILLS: Java, Maven, Hudson, Hudson plugin development, Hibernate

-contractor (team)

March 2008 - December 2008 - Thoughtworks, Inc

Senior Consultant

For the LookSmart client, I served as Technical Consultant for this project performing an initial implementation of automated testing utilizing Ruby, Selenium, and SeleniumGRID.  In addition to the implementation work, the project team also delivered technical training and assessed the current-state of the clients testing practices.

For the Blue State Digital client, I helped add enhancements a PHP application.    I added editing locks to the administrative interface for the contribution, events, mailing list, invitation and signup modules.  I also added custom form field support to the signup module that allows custom field to show up in the auto response message for signups.

For the Northwest Research client, built a prototype of a warehouse package tracking tool using Google Web Toolkit, Java Persistence API and Lucene.  The tool allows for searching across packages and package requests.  The tool allows Northwest Research to match lost packages with the sender or receiver based on the limited amount of information obtained from physically cataloging the packages.

SKILLS:Java, Ruby, PHP, Html, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Selenium, Ruby on Rails, GWT, JPA, Lucene

November 2006 - March 2008 - Schlumberger Information Services

Hydro Manager; Houston, TX

As the principal developer for Schlumberger Water Services' Data Management Application,  I delivered Java micro-applications that integrated to HydroManager web application product.   The integration features included parsers for hydro-geological data, data import tools, and data management interfaces.  The application allows customers to monitor, setup alerts and browse data as it comes from the water stations. I also implemented search feature for pdf documents in the Arabic language.

Lead developer a Career Portal application. The team worked on adding features to the design and content of the website with custom Ajax based widgets and custom JAVA web-based MVC.

SKILLS: Java, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ExtJs, JPA, JSP

- solo & team contractor

April 2006 – November 2006 – Houston ISD Consulting

HISD Connect (Public Site/Private Portal) Houston, TX

For local government and Educational institutions, build and deliver Portal and Content Management systems.  Implemented Ajax components for user interaction and site performance.

For the Houston Independent School District, our team is using the Vignette Content Management system to build their public facing website ( The website is high volume content intensive endeavor to deliver to community news and information.

Vignette is a J2EE CMS. We deployed to Bea Weblogic on Windows Server 2003 using Microsoft SQL Server.

SKILLS: Java, HTML, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, Vignette

- contractor (team)

October 2004 – April 2006– NCILP

Metal Building Design and Analysis; Houston, TX

Duties included software development, testing coordination and system administration in a mid-size team environment. Developed the User Interface to the Automated Building Design and Analysis system. The GUI is web based using XML and XSLT to generate the AJAX based web application to access the engineering system via Apache's Merlin IOC. I used XSL-FO (FOP) to produce on the fly PDF reports. I Ported the structural analysis library for the engineering system from Delphi to Java and wrapped in a Merlin component.

Developed the Engineering system wrapper to be used for testing the engineering analysis and automated design system. Leveraged the wrapper component to be used by the User Interface.

As system administrator installed and maintained: Maven build system and repository, Eventum issue tracking application, Tomcat and Maven testing environments, Enterprise Linux servers(5), Oracle

SKILLS: Java, AJAX,CSS, XML, XSLT, Ant, PDF generation, system administration, hudson, testing infrastructure

-contractor (team)

January 2004 – October 2004 – Schlumberger Information Services

Production Analysis Mediator; Houston, TX

Designed and implemented the web application for Schlumberger's Performance Real Time Interface (PRTI) system. The web application is used to scheduled and retrieve reports from PRTI. The web application was developed using JavaServer Faces and components following Apache Jakarta Avalon's Architecture using Tomcat as the Application Server.

SKILLS: Java Server Faces, Java, html, Javascript, CSS

-contractor (duo)

October 2003 – January 2004 – SunGard Energy

Gas Pipeline Scheduling; Houston, TX

As part of team, built a system to implement the business logic of intra-day gas pipeline scheduling system. The product is a server-side application using an threading and caching to meet performance goals. I implemented meter allocation logic based on contract precedence.

I also managed the data model for the project assuring the cache was properly loaded from Oracle and saved upon completing each schedule. I provided a graph visualization tool to decrease the amount of time spent validating the scheduling solutions. My contribution to the scheduling solutions was to validate the nodes of the graph based on the clients business rules.

SKILLS: Java, Oracle

-contractor (team)

May 2003 – September 2003 – Schlumberger Information Services

Hydro Manager; Houston, TX

I added enhancements and new components to their Water Management product. The product made heavy use of XML, Java Server Pages and Tag Libraries for the enhancements and the development of new components.

I enhanced the “Test Data” charting component. I added a charting component using ExpressChart libraries. The component was deployed as an applet with javascript controls. The product used multiple data sources: Oracle, Arc IMS and SQL Server.

I Debugged the form generation component. I also added a components to dynamically create and manage data input screens based on the water management products meta-data design.

I added to the application “entitlement by user designation or group”. This enable to application to protect access to certain types of data.

SKILLS: Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java Applet
-contactor (team)

June 2001 – May 2003 SunGard Consulting

Power CheckOut and Online Billing for Duke Energy North America; Houston, TX

I was responsible for the life-cycle of the Power CheckOut and the Online Billing applications. I developed a Model-View-Controller for both applications and trained the other developers on the team in its use.

The applications were deployed to a Solaris environment using the Weblogic application server. The applications used Java Server Pages and Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, email notifcations, Java management extensions and JDBC. The products made use of Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Both applications allowed Duke accountants to work with accountants of Duke’s customers to resolve power and natural gas accounting issues. The Power CheckOut application was integrated with Duke's power trading system. The Online Billing application was integrated with Duke's gas management system. The applications were integrated with two Plumtree portals ( Duke's Customer and Employee portals).

I also investigated connectivity issues and solutions for Duke's use of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). The activity required an extensive knowledge of how the Java Messaging System works, specifically for WebLogic.

SKILLS: Java, EJB, SQL, custom Web MVC, JSP, html, css, javascript

October 2000 – February 2001 Petrocosm Houston,TX

Customer Facing Portal

I lead the development and administered Petrocosm's portal using Bea’s portal application. I guided the developers on how to integrate Ariba’s MarketSuite and Marketplace with the portal’s design using Java Server Pages, XML and Tag Libraries. I administered Siteminder for single sign on capability integrating it with Iplanet and Weblogic.

SKILLS: Java, custom market place & Ariba Market Place integration

February 2001 – April 2001 Petrocosm Houston,TX

Business-to-Business Market Place

Petrocosm developed an in-house procurement application. I lead the user interface team in their development of the user experience. I integrated Petrocosm's catalog and user management systems with Ariba’s Marketplace application.

I also created the deployment process for both web applications and portal using ANT. The application were deployed to Solaris and used Oracle and Iplanet.

SKILLS: Java, xml, ant

June 2000 – October 2000 NetworkOil, Inc Houston, Texas

Using Java Server Pages and JDBC, I worked with a team to develop a surplus catalog application. The surplus catalog application was integrated into Ariba Market Suite. I developed custom tag libraries for Network Oil’s Request for Bid system.